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The Urban Design Alliance (UDAL)

UDAL is a unique collaboration of leading organisations and
professional bodies. It campaigns for and promotes awareness ofhow good urban design can make healthier, more sustainable, and safer towns and cities. The goal is a radical improvement in the quality of urban life.

The alliance is unique in its focus on collaboration between the built environment professions to make better places in which to live, work and relax.

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UDAL is committed to:
Providing a joint voice for UDAL’s member professions, ensuring design remains high on the political agenda
Developing a culture of multi-disciplinary working in urban design
Helping to remedy the current shortage of professionals with urban design skills
Raising awareness within communities of the value of good urban design

Value of Design

Almost every current political priority depends on improving standards in the urban environment. UDAL is committed to spreading that message and ensuring that a broad range of professionals are focused on delivering improvements to the quality of urban life.
Professionals need to learn new skills and new ways of working. They also depend on having a better framework of regulations and laws. The case still needs to be made - particularly to local politicians and to developers - that good design pays.

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